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About Us

Fysu is a fresh approach to food on the move, with high-quality ingredients to prepare meals that are cooked by our home chefs for home/office delivery.

An exciting menu of homely meals are available, from daily rotating menu that are varied on a weekly basis. Ordering homemade food is easy; select food, select a date and delivery slot, sit back and relax, let the kitchen cook for you and get freshly home cooked food delivered to your home/office.

Introducing a ground-breaking idea to make lunch time fun, creative and useful. With every meal order, you get a puzzle, it may be a Sudoku/Out of the box question or even a mere basic math problem. Solve them and return it on the next order to get a chance to spin the wheel and earn rewards.

Fysu is on a mission to transform the way the employees thinks about office lunch. Our plan is to position Fysu to become one of the leading brand in the home food delivery services industry in Hyderabad.

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