• Why choose fysu.in?

    fysu.in is a platform connecting potential home cooks to customers seeking home cooked meals at affordable pricing.

    Can I get the customized meal?

    Yes, fysu.in is designed for customized meal box for an entire week. Customization is not available for same day delivery.

    Locations you are delivering?

    Please click “select your area” above to know the areas we are delivering in Hyderabad.

    What if I want to order it to my home?

    Schedule your meal one day prior so that we can deliver to your home without any delivery charges.

  • Lunch/Dinner delivery timing ?

    You can choose any 45 minute delivery slot between 12:15 pm to 2:30 pm for Lunch orders and 1 hr delivery slot between 7:00 pm to 09:00 pm for Dinner orders.

    Average food Delivery Time ?

    You have an option to choose a delivery time slot as per Lunch and Dinner timings and you shall receive your order within the preferred time frame.

    Are there any hidden charges / cost of delivery?

    No, there are no hidden charges and the delivery is completely FREE.

  • How can I avail corporate discount ?

    Mail us at info@fysu.in with the estimated order details we shall revert within couple of hours.

    How do I get monthly subscription discounts?

    As of now there is no monthly subscription plan but you can choose and schedule what you love for entire week.

    How do ‘Refer a Friend’ works?

    Refer fysu.in with your friends and you both get Rs. 51 on his/her first order.

  • Meal Cancellation ?

    Only scheduled orders can be cancelled a day before 09:00 pm.

    Can money be refunded for cancellation ?

    Cancelled meal price will be refunded to your fysu.in account. You can order anything from fysu.in at any time. Your cancelled meal price cannot be transferred to your bank.

    Refund or Cancellation issues?

    Please drop an email at info@fysu.in if you have any refund or cancellation related issues and we will work on resolving it asap.

  • What are fysu points ?

    On every order you get a puzzle, solve them and return it on the next order to our delivery person. You receive 10 points for every solved puzzle.

    How to Redeem fysu points ?

    You’ll get a chance to spin the wheel when you reach 100 points where you can earn up to Rs 50.

    Where can I check fysu points ?

    You can check your fysu points anytime on your dashboard. Make savings!

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